Surface Preparation

Safety Grooving

Safety Grooving employs a 'gang' of circular blades mounted on a walk behind machine set to cut a uniform depth. Safety Grooving is typically specified for high risk areas with a history of slipping & skidding, but is not limited to these areas.

Our Grooving units are Petrol. With a nominal width of 6mm x 6mm deep & centre of 50mm the grooving units specification can be varied on application.

Some examples of applications include:

Grinding / Mowing

Concrete Mowing employs a diamond segmented circular plate bolted to the vertical shaft of a walk behind machine or hand held machine.

The plate works in a grinding motion removing the top layer of most surfaces when applied. It is typically used to level uneven surfaces or even enhance skid resistance.

Our Grinding/Mowing units come in a range of:

Typical applications include: